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Leadership In Stilettos & Lipstick
Moose Jaw, SK 

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Leadership in Stilettos & Lipstick was born from a passion to  mentor and assist women successfully in their pursuits of success and happiness. Through the facilitation of workshops, luncheons and online resources we hope to assist you in your amazing journey.

It is our mandate to  empower women to  live  healthy, happy, balanced and  filled with purpose.  We want women to connect, learn, inspire and lift each other up. Our organization is dedicated to supporting YOU in all areas. 

Success is different for each and every one of us. Measuring success is not to be compared to others but rather success should be a measure in which WE, our-self feel we have achieved. External recognition of success is always reassuring but success must be felt from within. Believe and it can be!

Leadership in Stilettos & Lipstick mission is to facilitate, foster and inspire a community of leaders in every age group. Leadership begins at an early age.  It is our goal to help foster leadership skills in the best way possible. For those that are looking to improve their leadership skills our goal is to provide resources to build on the skills you may already have. 

No matter where you are in your Leadership goals we can help. Let us walk alongside you in your journey.